Coin & Bullion Melt Value Calculators

How Much is the Metal in Your Coins & Bullion Worth?

Intrinsic Metal Value Based on Current Spot Price

Discover the precious metal or base metal value of your coins, bullion and other treasured metallic items with these handy melt value calculators. Now you can quickly determine what the gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and/or nickel content in variety of items is worth. Whether your metal is in the form of coins, bars, rounds, jewelry or just plain scrap; there are several different coin and bullion melt value calculators to select from the drop down menu up top.

You may use the melt value calculators to find the intrinsic metal value of any coins or bullion items that you own. The melting value is calculated using the metal's spot price, which is updated periodically throughout the trading day. The spot price is initially shown in U.S. Dollars although there are several other world currencies available for you to choose from. You even have the option to change the spot price to a different value of your choice, if you would prefer to see the melt value based on a past or future rate instead.

You could also use the melt value calculators when purchasing coins or precious metal bullion, in order to get an idea of the price you might be looking to pay, based on that item's metal composition value. You could even run your calculator in a separate browser window while shopping for coins and bullion online, or while submitting your bids to an internet auction site.

The melt value calculators can only figure the value of the gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper or nickel itself. The calculators cannot determine any numismatic worth based on collector demand, rarity, grade or esthetic condition; nor can they provide you with the exact price that any given dealer might be willing pay you for your coins or bullion.

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