Canadian and Australian Single Silver Coin Melt Value Lists

Last month saw the addition of a new type of melt value tool at Up until that time, there were only calculators that would display the aggregate melt value for every item(coins, bullion, scrap) that the user had included in their selection. The recently added Single U.S. Silver Coin List was different however, in that it showed a separate line item melt value and silver content for each individual type of U.S. Silver coin.

Well now there are single coin value lists for both Canadian and Australian silver coins as well. Just like the U.S. version, these new melt value lists initially figure the melt value of each coin based on the current U.S. Dollar spot price for silver. You do have the option to select another currency and even change the spot price if you like. Any changes made will automatically update the melt values of every coin on the list.

Since these are lists of coins that were once used in circulation, you may want your list to account for any coin wear that was a result of everyday handling. There is a text box available to specify a percentage of coin wear, which will be deducted from the silver content and associated melt value of each coin on the list. Both new melt value lists are now online and available from the following links:

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