Bitcoin Calculator for Silver

Last month I presented the first calculator on dedicated to the virtual currency of bitcoin.  That calculator can be used to determine the melt value of gold items, measured by the weight unit of your choice, and with the final results given to you priced in bitcoin.  Today I am providing you with a new calculator that does the same thing, but this one is to be used with items made from silver.

If you’ve never heard of bitcoin, it’s a relatively new (2009) type of digital currency that can be stored in a virtual wallet on your computer or smartphone.  Bitcoin can be transferred to another person’s virtual wallet via the Internet, or by using smartphone technologies like: near field communication (NFC) or QR-code scanning.  People use bitcoin to buy things from participating merchants, or just to send money without the need for a bank account or the associated bank transfer fees.  For more info about bitcoin, check out:

If you have a need to convert your bitcoin into gold or silver, or if you are looking to sell your precious metals in exchange for bitcoin, then the bitcoin calculators at will come in quite handy.  You can use them to discover the spot prices for gold and silver, when converted into bitcoin.  Then you can know the bitcoin price you might be willing to pay, or wanting to ask, in exchange for those metals.  Simply choose the gold or silver calculator that you need from the links below:

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