Scrap Melt Value Calculators for Copper & Nickel

Today I am wrapping up my series of scrap metal melt value calculators available at We have already seen scrap calculators for gold, silver, platinum and palladium; and we now have calculators for use in determining the scrap metal melt value of items made using the base metals of copper and nickel.

Up until now, my copper and nickel calculators have focused on the melt value of those metals contained in coins and bullion, or when measured in specific weight units. These new scrap calculators are designed to cover a wider variety of scrap metal items, by combining some of the features from the previously released calculators.

The features include the option to indicate the weight of your copper or nickel items in either grams, kilograms, grains, pennyweight, ounces, troy ounces, pounds or troy pounds. You can also specify the percentage, or purity, of your copper/nickel using a value from a drop-down list, or by entering that percentage directly into a text box.

Of course there are also the standard options available with all my calculators, which include selecting from one of 14 different currencies, using the default spot price or choosing your own price, and providing a price spread percentage for displaying Bid/Ask prices. Both new calculators are now online and available to use from the following links:

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