Scrap Melt Value Calculators for Platinum & Palladium

Now that is featuring scrap melt value calculators for both gold and silver, it is time to accommodate two other precious metals: platinum and palladium. While both metals are available as bullion, in the form of coins and bars, and as jewelry; platinum and palladium can also sometimes be found in catalytic converters, spark plugs, electronics, medical instruments, dental prosthetics, and a few other industrial applications.

The Scrap Platinum Calculator and the Scrap Palladium Calculator allow you to choose from eight different weight units to measure in, including: grams, kilograms, grains, pennyweight, ounces, troy ounces, pounds and troy pounds. You will also be able to select the purity of your platinum and palladium items from a drop-down list, or by directly entering an exact percentage.

Both calculators also feature the site-wide standard options of changing the metal spot price to a value of your choice, selecting to calculate in one of 14 different world currencies, and the ability to specify a percentage of price spread in order to show a Bid Price and an Ask Price in addition to the Melt Value Price. You can begin using either calculator, accessible from the links below:

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