Scrap Silver Melt Value Calculator

Earlier this month I added a new scrap gold calculator to Now it is silver’s turn to shine. Of course there are a lot of silver calculators on my website already. Most of them are dedicated to finding the melt value of the silver coinage that was minted for circulation up until the 1960’s in countries like the United States, Canada and Australia. There are also silver calculators that can be used for items measured in a specific unit of weight; like grams, grains, pounds or pennyweight.

The new Scrap Silver Melt Value Calculator is designed to be more versatile than the silver calculators that have preceded it. With options to select from eight different units of weight measure, as well as a percentage of silver purity, you should be able to find the intrinsic silver value of most any scrap silver item.

Just like its earlier gold cousin, this new scrap silver calculator will convert the troy ounce price of silver to the price of silver expressed in the unit of measure that you have selected to calculate in. It will then apply that price to the amount of actual silver contained in your item, based on the percentage of silver purity you have indicated. In addition to the total silver value, the silver scrap calculator will also show you the total weight of pure silver stated in grams, kilograms, grains, pennyweight, ounces, troy ounces, pounds and troy pounds.

Other standard options include the ability to change the silver spot price to another value of your choice, a dropdown list with 14 different world currencies, and a text box for entering a Bid/Ask price spread. The calculator is now online and ready for you to try at:

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